I remember the moment I came to this material world;
a place where I could stay for a certain amount of time.
This place, the material world,  never became my true home and it took me a long time to remember that home is elsewhere.
The moment I understood that ‘Home’ is elsewhere, the desire to learn about that ‘other world’ grew stronger and stronger and I wanted to find my way back home.
In my search for that ‘other world’ I discovered that this world is not a far away place, but  another plane of existence sometimes closer than our own breath.
I learned to communicate with that world, which is also called
‘the spirit world’.
I learned to build a bridge between our world of matter and the world of spirit.
I learned that only our disbelief and lack of faith keeps us apart from the other world. 
I learned to deliver messages to people in the ‘Material World’ from those in the world of the unseen.
Those messages are delivered in words, in drawings and in paintings. 
Whatever the message is: it’s always constructive and uplifting.

Robert Cash